Benchmarking is the act of establishing measurable standards for learning by which students can be measured. Benchmarking helps students stay on the path to success and can ultimately raise educational standards in a grade, grade level, school or school district.
Our participants will be able to bring their gains to their own countries by observing the Finnish education system on site.

Learning Outcomes
* Visiting schools in Finland and communicating with teachers to exchange professional information.
* Advancement in quality planning, special needs education and ICT integration in Finnish school systems.
* Observing the appropriate classroom environment and gaining achievements
* Discussing the Finnish education system with teachers and school staff.

Course Goals
* Experiencing the real-life environment at the Finnish School
* See the differences between the Finnish education system and the education system in your country.
* Creating Learning Portfolios and focusing on the most important points
* Understanding the key factors for the Success of the Finnish Education System
* Observing the designed work environment in the classroom



Daily Course Fee



Helsinki, Finland