Basic Algorithm and Coding

The aim of this 5-day Erasmus+ KA1 course is to contribute to the professional development and professional skills of teachers in primary and secondary schools.

Each participant who successfully completes this activity;
* Examines the curriculum.
* Compares the curriculum and other resources related to coding.
* Examines Programming Platforms.
* Applies problem solving concepts and approaches.
* Develops application within the scope of basic algorithm and coding.
* Analyzes the problems in daily life.
* Identifies appropriate steps to solve the given problem.
* Brings solutions to the given problems.
* Identifies the operators required for problem solving.
* Creates the correct algorithm for solution of the specified problem.
* Expresses the relationship between mathematics and computer science.
* Recognizes the interface features of the application platform,
* Creates algorithms on
* Develops block based applications with tools on
* Defines and name appropriate variables in rules.
* Creates algorithms and programs that use the appropriate branching.
* Creates algorithms and programs containing loop structure.
* Develops applications with the program development tool.
* Creates the original project containing the programming constructs.
* Classifies basic information and data sources related to the field.
* Explains the curriculum of the area with all its teachings.
* Creates learning environments that enhance high-level cognitive skills of students.



Daily Course Fee



Amsterdam, Netherlands