What is Creative Drama?
Creative drama is an improvisational, non-exhibitional, process-oriented form of drama, where participants are guided by a leader to imagine, enact, and reflect on experiences real and imagined. Creative drama takes children’s natural world, creative play, and develops it further, using theatre techniques, to create learning experiences which are for the participants.
Drama specialist, Brian Way states in Development Through Drama, “Theatre is largely concerned with communication between actors and an audience; Drama is largely concerned with experience by the participants.”

Drama is a tool to teach English or to teach anything. It helps to make the path shorter, to create space to real experience, even being in a creative or imaginative world. When you use drama, or role playing or mantle of the expert or games, the goal is the same: provide a relaxed space for people to try without being judged for it.
It means that the person or the group will discover more about English not just because the teacher wants them to, but mainly because they are feeling motivated to learn more about it.

When you have the opportunity to get a group of English teachers together, it is a great chance to show them how it is possible to teach the same thing, in a more creative and active way.
More than that, when you can create an environment where the students feel that they can be responsible for their learning, that they can share in a safe space with a group that is keen to help to solve problems, to improve knowledge and in the end, every member will receive the bonus of theis personal investment.



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