The goal of cyber security training is to educate users about the potential risks they face when surfing the Internet, using communication tools such as social networking, downloading applications, using e-mail, online games, and accessing potentially dangerous sites.
In short, the main objective of the course is to help participants understand clearly the importance of online security, learning to recognize potential threats and impacts as well as adopting good browsing practices.
Vulnerability to malware attacks, as well as identity theft, can be considerably reduced when educated users about these risks.

Learning Outcomes
* To know the basic terminology of cyber security;
* Know the authentication mechanisms;
* Know dangerous site profiles and profiles;
* Strengthen the ability to identify major types of malware and their propagation systems;
* Cyber threats and attacks; know about prevention tools: firewalls, anti-malware programs, Virtual Private Network (VPN) - to help prevent threats and computer attacks and theft of information and identity;
* Know how to navigate safely, adopting various practices to prevent attacks;
* Ensure proper desktop security and restore security holes.

Course Programme:
* Meeting and Welcoming,
* The need for analysis and goal setting
* Definition and basic elements of cyber security
* Current legislation and EU Data Protection Regulation (ENISA, CERT)
* Why are people the key to cybersecurity?
* Cyber Security in Education

* Cybersecurity threats - stay up to date
* Authentication: passwords, access control, etc.
* Malware: types of malware, infection prevention
* Cryptography: types and application
* Network security: firewalls, private networks, etc.

* Security risks: analysis and management
* Identifying security threats - important things to look for
* Recover from attack / failure
* Steps to take to prevent cyber security attacks

* Cyberbullying: definition, Can cyberbullying be prevented with cyber security?
* Cyberbullying: how to use detection, prevention and intervention cybersecurity practices?
* How can I use the acquired knowledge and tools in practice? Establishing school policy and action plan in the field of cyber security

* Summary and course evaluation
* Feedback and certificates
* City Tour



Daily Course Fee



Amsterdam, Netherlands