Coaching course is a teacher training course prepared to contribute to the personal and professional development of school personnel. In this course, participants aim to develop correct teaching techniques, coaching skills, creating a healthy discussion environment and leadership skills.
The main goal is to ensure that students receive the necessary assistance from their teachers in areas such as focus, decision making and participation.

Course Purpose
* Developing leadership and coaching skills
* Establishment of the coaching contract,
* Spreading the educational vision within the institution
* Interfering with students' problems with the right techniques

Learning Outcomes
* Keeping up to date with coaching practices
* Mastering the coaching process
* Develop an action plan
* Being able to prepare a development plan
* Acquiring literacy skills on coaching strategies
* Impact of strategy and tools on coaching

* Exchange ideas
* Encouraging students to use personal development tools
* Learning the rules of cooperation and collaboration
* Gaining creative thinking skills

* Before the course process, participation forms will be given to all participants to share their professional skills and experiences. These forms will be examined before the course and the personal competencies of the teachers will be observed.
* Before the course process, the participants will present in writing the training techniques they apply in the classroom. In this way, they can more easily distinguish the gains they have achieved at the end of the course.



Daily Course Fee



Amsterdam, Netherlands