Digital Competencies

Day 1
Introduction and presentation of the course program
Icebreaker activities
Determining expectations and requirements from the group
Introduction to digital innovation in schools

Day 2
Introduction to E-Learning Environments
E-learning tools in terms of subject and necessity
Potentials and advantages of e-learning
Overview of e-learning products (open source, commercial)
Understanding innovative learning scenarios

Day 3
Virtual learning environments
The role of the teacher in the virtual classroom
Developing online course activities
Leading online discussions
Methodologies and teaching techniques
Approach to language concepts
Establishing a Personal Learning Environment: Google Drive, Moodle and Cloud Systems
E-portfolio and EdShelf with tablets

Day 4
Planning an e-learning training session Organization of the Class
Preparing and designing learning contents according to e-learning needs
Project-based learning: creating e-textbooks with tablets
Workshop: Group project
Techniques for Classroom Innovation
E-learning tools: Presentation Tools

Day 5
E-Learning tools:Video Tools
Introduction to video making
Principles of preparing lessons in video format
Simple video preparation programs Video preparation programs
basic commands
Research review: the effect of watching lecture videos on academic performance
E-learning tools: Mobile Tools
Turning your phones into smart teaching tools
Workshop: Preparing training videos in teams

Day 6
E-learning tools: Community Tools
From wikis to social networks, this range of tools allows teachers and students to communicate, collaborate and
enabling them to share their work
Working with Adobe Connect as an e-learning platform
Developing and preparing a training session Delivering the training session to a live audience

Day 7
Digital story and its impact on education
Th types of digital stories
The role of digital storytelling in the classroom
The most common mistakes?
Digital story preparation workshop

Day 8
Simulation programs in education
Simulation examples used in scientific fields
How to create training simulations?
Games as a tool in education
Workshop Game development with simple digital tools

Day 9
Participatory design of digital innovation policies at school level
Workshop: Designing a digital security policy for your school

Day 10
School Visit
Integrating outcomes into school
Course Evaluation Workshop
Certificate Ceremony



Daily Course Fee



Malaga, Spain