Disaster Awareness Support Training

Day 1 : • Basic Information and Concepts About Disasters
• “Disaster Education” in the World and in Europe
• “Natural Disaster News Bulletin” activity (recognizes natural disasters)
• Psychological Effects of Disasters • Methods of Explaining Disasters to Children

Day 2 : • Introducing Geological, Meteorological, Hydrological Natural Disasters by embodying the points to be considered in activities with children with special education needs
• “What is happening to the clouds?” effectiveness: Knows the types of natural disasters.
• How do disasters affect children? • “Disaster Hats” activity: Understands the causes of disasters.

Day 3 : • Correct and Healthy Communication Steps with Children after the Disaster
• Explaining the Event • Understanding and Accepting Their Fears
• Providing Comfort, Comfort and Confidence to Children After the Disaster

Day 4 : • Post-Disaster Recovery Process
• Expressing emotions
• Listening to the needs of the child
• Staying in touch
• Creating healthy thought patterns
• Post-Disaster Reinforcing Activities
• Band-Aid Activity: Discovers and develops strengths in the emotional and behavioral reactions of individuals after a traumatic experience.

Day 5 : • Disaster Management and Development in Europe
• Necessary studies for a modern and integrated disaster management system
• Using digital resources and Web tools to increase students' awareness of disaster
• Ensuring the participation of individuals and institutions.
• Importance of practitioner in disaster education
• Points to be Considered While Implementing Activities
• Ethical Principles



Daily Course Fee



Italy, Rome