Entrepreneurship and Reintegration Training Program

Day 1: Orientation and Introduction

* Welcome and Introduction to Course Participants and Staff
* Overview of Program Objectives and Structure
* Review of Orientation Materials and Documents

Day 2: Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship

* Understanding Basic Concepts and Techniques of Entrepreneurship
* Interdisciplinary Evaluation of Business Ideass
* Approaches for Supporting Entrepreneurial Projects of Former Convicts
* Evaluation and Development of Business Ideas

Day 3: Developing Management and Leadership Skills
* Enhancing Leadership and Management Skills among Former Convicts
* Interpersonal Relationship Building in the Workplace
* Techniques for Increasing Self-Esteem
* Improving Communication Language Skills

Day 4: Learning from Successful Entrepreneurs

* Inspirational Stories of Successful Entrepreneurs
* Supportive Practices for Former Convicts' Entrepreneurial Activities in Europe
* Employment Planning and Training for Reintegration in Europe
* Adaptation Training for the Workplace

Day 5: Evaluation, Certification, and Cultural Explorations

* General Assessment of Training Activities
* Feedback Session on Training Process
* Distribution of Certificates and Europass Documents
* Closing Ceremony and City Tour
* Explore European Heritage and Cultural Observations
* Learn About Historical Sites in the City

NOTE: Each day will consist of 5 hours of training, divided into morning and afternoon sessions.



Daily Course Fee



Amsterdam, Netherlands