“Teaching Entrepreneurship moves entrepreneurship education from the traditional process view to a practice-based approach and advocates teaching entrepreneurship using a portfolio of practices, which includes play, empathy, creation, experimentation, and reflection. Together these practices help students develop the competency to think and act entrepreneurially in order to create, find, and exploit opportunities of all kinds in a continuously changing and uncertain World.” (Heidi M. Neck, Patricia G. Greene and Candida G. Brush 2014.)

Objectives of the course
* Increasing the understanding of what entreperneurship is
* Learning how to prepare students to act as entreprenurs
* Accomplishing the various objectives of teaching entrepreneurship active learning
* Helping students develop their entrepreneurial thinking through play, empathy, experimentation, creation and reflection
* Focusing on the methods of teaching entrepreneurship by applying different, flexible, attractive and innovative ways of teaching and learning.

Learning Outcomes
All the participants will:
* Define the best practices of teaching entreprenurship in education
* Recognize learn and create new methodologies and techniques to foster the entreperenurship in classes
* Become familiar with the entrepreneurial thinking process
* Discuss how to foster strategies and tools to support students think through play, emphaty, experimentation, creation and reflection
* Develop an action plan
* Construct curriculum and designing process
* Analyze the methods focusing on entrepreneurship training strategies

* Brainstorming
* Working in groups cooperatively
* Using creativity activation
* Organizing about way of motivating students to research



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Barcelona, Spain