Green Office

This course training and activities cover the theory of ecological and environmental education, designing, planning and implementing nature-friendly digital applications in educational institutions and office environments;
It will cover information and material support to raise awareness of employees on special occasions regarding the environment, the creation of a digital newsletter, ecological education in the EU and best practices for green digital office.

The activity is planned as follows:
* Informing about the meeting and training program Occupational safety and participants
* Rules to be followed on health Pre-Test Application (Survey Monkey) to the participants before the training
Module 1: Ecological education, ecological literacy - examples from philosophy, theory, history and practice. (Discussion-Evaluation)
Module 2: What are the green office standards and how to become a Green Office?

Module 3: How to use digital tools in green office applications?
* Team collaboration tool (Slack)
* Online cork board application (Padlet)
* Digital post-it application that prevents paper waste
* Cloud-based office suite and storage applications (Google, Microsoft, Dropbox)
Module 4: EU Education Space (Green education initiatives) (Discussion Evaluation)

Module 5: Ecological literacy and the concept of eco-institution-school-building (Discussion-Evaluation)
Module 6: Effective zero waste management – ​​recycling, reuse, reduction and composting techniques in educational institutions.

Module 7: Biodiversity and environmental protection recommendations.
Module 8: Ecological footprint and sustainable development

Module 9: Designing, planning, implementing an eco-friendly in-office digital application.
Module 10: Green digital office practices in the EU.(Discussion Evaluation)

During the course activity, the cultural characteristics of the host country will be utilized to the maximum.



Daily Course Fee



Amsterdam, Netherlands