How to deal with Technology Addiction and Using Effective Technology in Schools

The course aims to support school staffs with the understanding of the reasons underneath the techonology addiction at schools, ways of creating a more peaceful atmosphere to enhance more prosperous learning and teaching process by using technolgy effectively.
There are new concerns about recognizing technology addiction behavior and getting aware of related problems and creating a more world-class way of working prevent and tackle technology addiction in schools.
The most effective ways to prevent or reduce technology technology addiction require school administrators' commitment and intensive effort; police interested in increasing school safety and strategies can use their influence to encourage schools to address the problem.
Since the emergence of the internet and smartphones, research is showing an increase in the number of people struggling with technology addiction. Constantly being “plugged in” to social media and the internet leads to fear of missing out and fear of being left out in young people.
Coupled with the neurological changes that take place in the brain while being online, technology addiction can be added to the list of behavioral addictions.

Technology addiction is widespread and perhaps the most underreported problem at school in Europe and in the World as a whole. Contrary to popular belief, techonolgy addiction occurs more often at school than on the way to and from there.
Once thought of as simply a rite of passage or relatively harmless behavior that helps build young people's character, technology addiction is now known to have long-lasting harmful effects, for both the victim and school enviroment.
International research suggests that technology addcition is common at schools and occurs at all grade levels and must be created some strategies and school polices by school teachers.
Recovery from technology addiction is possible, and we are here to help. with this traning course.

Learning Outcomes
All the participants will:
* Understand terms of teachnology addiction
* Identify teachnology addiction behaviors, the victims
* Identfy Signs & Symptoms of Technology Addiction
* Learn about the pedagogical approaches to deal with the victims of teachnology addiction
* Discuss and develop school plan to prevent teachnology addiction and use technology effectively at schools
* Create Class-friendly technology applications
* Develop an effective school policy to prevent technology addiction at schools and effective using technology

Objectives of the Course
* Understanding the terms of technology addiction in schools
* Recognizing technology addiction behavior
* Getting aware of related problems
* Identifying the incidents and consequences of technology addiction
* Getting an awareness related to the chronic victims of technology addiction
* Developing a school policy plan on preventing technology addiction at schools
* Recognizing to how to create Class-friendly technology atmosphere
* Recognizing to use of effective technology at schools
* Introducing pedagogical approaches to deal with the victims of technology addiction

* Practical and skills-based -interactive learning,
* Immediate feedbacks,
* Hands-on activities
* Inspiring discussions on best practices.



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Amsterdam, Netherlands