INDOOR And OUTDOOR GAMES for Better Teaching Process

Classroom games add flair and student engagement to more tedious, yet necessary tasks like teaching math facts, grammar rules and vocabulary, reviewing for tests or even completing lab experiments. Adding an element of competition motivates and energizes students.
Outdoor education occurs, in one form or another, in most if not all countries of the world. However, it can be implemented very differently, depending on the cultural context.
Some countries, for example, view outdoor education as synonymous with environmental education, whilst other countries treat outdoor education and environmental education as distinct.

All the participants will:
* Get familiar modernization of your teaching style
* Develop a school policy plan on indoor and outdoor educational activities
* Write your learning objectives
* Plan how you will engage students with experimental learning
* Get benefits of using drama
* Work on models for dramatic action
* Define the role of drama in education
* Create lessons experimental strategies
* Learn how to overcome adversity
* Enhance personal and social development
* Develop a deeper relationship with nature
* Teach outdoor survival skills
* Improve problem solving skills
* Reduce recidivism
* Enhance teamwork
* Develop leadership skills
* Understand natural environments
* Promote spirituality
* Get the gist of games in education
* Find out the basis of differentiating assessment ways and methods
* Understand the importance of group dynamic
* Focus on effective teaching strategies that encourage the active involvement of all students in experimental education
* Tips for how to develop strategies to improve the educational quality of the school.

Objectives of the Course
* Getting familiar how to provide learning with the help of indoor and outdoor games
* Comparing with the students what they know and what will they learn
* Explaining curriculum depend on indoor and outdoor activities
* Classifying the rule of games in Education
* Improving problem solving skills with games
* Developing leadership skills with the help of the games
* Analyzing different and effective teaching strategies
* Assembling strategies to improve skills on education
* Performing the activities to show that how they could be effective on education

* Identifying the concept of the indoor and outdoor games
* Creating activities to showing how easy to plan
* Brainstorming
* Working in groups cooperatively
* Discussing the games in point of physical, personal and social education
* Formulating lesson plans based on experimental strategies



Daily Course Fee



Amsterdam, Netherlands