Integration of Immigrant Students Into Education At Schools

This course will be an interactive course during which the participants will have a chance to demonstrate, present and give data related to the current situation in their own countries.

Learning Outcomes
All the participants will;
* Learn about different policies used in integration of immigrant students
* Be aware of the possible problems the immigrants students faced and the possible solutions to these problems
* Understand the relevance of immigrant students’ achievement and their backgrounds
* Develop a school policy to integrant immigrant students successfully
* Be aware of the roles of other skate holders at local, national and international levels
* Find out the possible ways to prevent the discrimination at schools
* Find out best ways to create multicultural and peaceful environments at schools

Objectives Of The Course
* Understanding the different policies related to immigrant students in different education systems
* Understanding the nature, causes and possible remedies for the educational disadvantages experienced by immigrant students in schools
* Seeing the relevance of immigrant students’ achievement and socio-economic origin of the country they migrate
* Realizing the importance of early childhood education and care to adopt the immigrant students to the education system and the society they live in
* Developing a school policy plan on Integrating immigrant students to the schools
* Getting aware of the roles of some other skate holders such as NGOs, governors, etc to overcome the obstacles the immigrant students and their families face during the education process
* Working on the ways to prevent the discrimination at the schools the immigrant students attend
* Tips for how to develop strategies to improve the educational quality of the school
* Creating a forum to be linked to the webpage of the course provider in order to share the personal experiences in applying the strategies learnt through the course at their venue.

* Presentation
* Discussion
* Brainstorming
* Role playing
* Case study
* Developing plans and policies



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