Learn in Museums

This course aims to support school staffs with an autonomous experience enriched with ICT (Information and Communication Technology) based learning, Project based Learning and interdiciplinary learning in their personal and professional development and school environment in line with priorities of Erasmus Plus Program.
Museums are an important setting for informal learning; their invaluable collections and purposefully designed spaces mean learning can take place almost ‘accidentally’. Structored visits to museums is undeniable effective and impressive fort he learners to keep connection between the society and culture, past and now, history and science.
With this project participants will discover the historical and cultural values of the city where the course takes place, and also foresight how to artefacts to enage learners and how to create learning experiences for students visiting museums.

Learning Outcomes
All the participants will:
* Demonstrate an understanding of the way learning takes place in a museum setting
* Explore what can be gained from interacting with museum collections and spaces
* Learn how to use technology to encourage engagement
* Identify a range of learning strategies for a variety of students / learners
* Apply what they have learned to design their own learning scenarios using Project based learning and interdiciplinary learning

Objectives of the Course
* Understanding the important points in learning in museums
* Using museums as social and cultural learning environments
* Improving teaching methods in relation to real life complexity
* Adaptation of Project based learning and interdiciplinary learning methodologies to your teaching & learning situations & contexts
* Focusing on effective teaching strategies that encourage the active involvement of all students in real life environments.
* Desinging learning scenarios focusing on real life objects, subject matters using innovative and creative methodologies
* Getting familiarization to the tips for how to develop strategies to improve the educational quality of the school.

* Working cooperatively
* Learning in interactive and international environment
* Examining and Simulating case studies,
* Learning based on experiential trainings
* Visiting museums on various themes
* Creating learning scenarios based on Project based learning and interdiciplinary learning



Daily Course Fee



Amsterdam, Netherlands