Nutrition Principles in Young People With Special Needs

Food and nutrition are very important issues for students and society with special needs. It is important that they are included in the curriculum both in primary and high school.
Topics can teach useful skills and provide information for life. The school should inform all students about food and nutrition as much as possible, even if the lessons cannot be taught in a separate lesson.
* Understand the concept of nutrition principles of individuals with disabilities and special needs
* Discover and discuss an approach to implement healthy food and food habits at school based on the recommendations of WHO (World Health Organization)

* Information. A general introduction to each subject.
* Sharing. The participants share their experiences and expertise on the subject.
Our methods will be based on the principles of non-formal education and will combine theoretical units with practical learning, sharing experiences and personal reflection.
Participants will be invited to actively contribute to education through dynamic and interactive sessions, teamwork tasks, simulations, case studies, discussions and round tables.

Subject Headings
* Health and nutrition of children with disabilities and special needs,
* Designing food and nutrition policy for schools,
* Elements of food and nutrition policy for schools,
* School nutrition and health services
* The importance of physical activities in disabled people



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Amsterdam, Netherlands