Peer education is a process that helps solution of problems between children who is same age. Instead of producing, the peer mediators helps the children to solve their problems themselves using various communication techniques.
Janet Reno says “Peer mediation is a chance for students to work with other student to help them resolve problems, arguments, disagreements without having to get the teacher or the administration involved.”
So ,this course is kind of teacher training course which aims to get familiar with peer mediation education, identify how to apply this process in schools, improve out students’ leadership skills and create more peaceful atmosphere.

Learning Outcomes
All the participants will:
* Get familiar with peer mediation education
* Encourage the students go to mediator
* Improve self-confidence and self-management as a mediator
* Analyze the benefits of mediation-peer education
* Describe the types of peer mediation education
* Discuss how to reduce discipline problems in schools
* Create more peaceful atmosphere
* Identify the effect of peer mediation education on students
* Identify the importance of peer mediation education in schools

Objectives of the course
* Reducing the problem between teachers and students
* Focusing on classes more than interpersonal conflict
* Reducing bullying in schools
* Creating more constructive communication
* Improving students’ speaking and empathy skills
* Focusing on problem solving skills
* Trying to understand reasons of students’ aggressive behavior to solve their conflicts

* Demonstrating peer mediation education to students with role play activities
* Working in group cooperatively
* Brainstorming
* Designing lesson plans related to school policy



Daily Course Fee



Amsterdam, Netherlands