With this course we aim that all participants will:
* Know the history of the use of robots in education and current developments.
* Recognize the use and application of robotic theories in education.
* Learn the limitations and importance of using robots in education.
* Know teaching methods and techniques for using robots in education.
* Get the knowledge of computational thinking skills and basic components.
* Know unplugged events and uses them.
* Know binary number systems and performs ASCII conversion.
* Identify hardware and software components of robots
* Know cable and / or wireless data transfer methods.
* Perform motion control using servo motors.
* Know color detection, object detection, touch-stop, distance, etc. sensors.
* Know the Conditions to use logical operators and decision making structures.
* Make robots active, which separate objects.
* Activate the robot car with parking sensor.
* Perform the fleeing robot activity.
* Design lessons, knows features that make a lesson more innovative.
* Use design, iteration, prototype development steps to solve complex problems.
* Know the elements that make a course innovative.
* Use the ability to collaborate on a goal.
* Take care to use effective communication methods and techniques.
* Take care to use effective time management techniques.



Daily Course Fee



Barcelona, Spain