Soft Skills for Education Providers

The opjectives of this course are:
To emcourage communication within adult education structures in general to improve the quality of their internal and external communication.
To develop the communicative competence of lifelong Learning organisations to promote the effective development of working processes.
To develop and increase he cooperation between organisations involved in adult education in Europe.
To share experiences and good practices among people coming from different countries who work in the same field.

Learning Outcomes
* Strengthened professional profile
* Positive and long-lasting effects on the trainees involved, enhanced intercultural awareness
* Encouragement of sharing best practices, ideas and materials between colleagues within the EU
* Increased capacity to cooperate on international level broader understanding of practices, policies and systems in different countries
* Promotion of the emergence and raising awareness of a European lifelong learning area
* Promotion of mobility and cooperation
* Development of basic and transversal skills, such as entrepreneurship, digital skills
* Development of partnerships between education and employment
* Improved awareness of projects contributing to a reduction in the number of low-skilled adults (re-skilling and up-skilling of adults)



Daily Course Fee



Barcelona, Spain