Stop Bullying in Schools Using Drama and Create a More Peaceful Atmosphere

The course aims to support school staffs with the understanding of the reasons underneath the bullying at schools, ways of creating a more peaceful atmosphere to enhance a more prosperous learning and teaching process.
There are new concerns about violence at school and police have taken more responsibility for helping school officials ensure students' safety.
Bullying is widespread and perhaps the most underreported safety problem at school in Europe and in the World as whole. Contrary to popular belief, bullying occurs more often at school than on the way to and from there.
Once thought of as simply a rite of passage or relatively harmless behavior that helps build young people's character, bullying is now known to have long-lasting harmful effects, for both the victim and the bully.

Bullying is often mistakenly viewed as a narrow range of antisocial behavior confined to elementary school recess yards. Drama is not as concerned with the learning of theatre-skills, or production, as it is with the construction of imagined experience.
Drama creates dramatic situations to be explored by the participants, inviting them to find out more about the process of how the situation comes into being, to shift perspectives in the here and now, identify and sometimes solve problems and deepen our understanding of them.
Drama in education reflects a shift from an over-emphasis on informational content to a more balanced inclusion of attention to the processing of ideas.

Learning Outcomes
All the participants will:
* Understand the terms of bullying in schools
* Create empathy - based stories
* Get benefits of using drama to prevent peer bullying
* Create drama groups and evaluate them
* Recognize bullying behavior
* Get aware of related problems
* Define the role of drama in education
* Identify the incidents and consequences of bullying
* Get an awareness related to the chronic victims of bullying
* Work on models for dramatic action
* Clarify the advantages of using drama as a method of education
* Develop a school policy plan on preventing bullying at schools
* Introduce pedagogical approaches to deal with the victims of bullying as well as attackers
* Develop positive attitudes towards

Objectives of the Course
* Getting familiar with the concepts of drama and bullying
* Identifying the type of bullying
* Discussing the effects of bullying
* Focusing on the problems caused by being bullying at schools
* Analyzing pedagogical approaches to deal with the victims od bullying

* Focusing on practical skills based interactive learning
* Creating immediate feedbacks, hands on activities and inspiring discussions on best practices
* Working in group cooperatively
* Brainstorming



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Helsinki, Finland