To Provide Healthy Lifestyle Habits to Disabled Students

This course is for primary and secondary school teachers who work in all specialties and special education.
Through experiential activities and various pedagogical techniques (eg lectures, field visits, laboratory activities), teachers will be introduced to activities that they can apply to inspire healthy lifestyle habits in and out of the classroom.

Preparation and follow-up:

Before the seminar, participants will receive literature as well as pedagogical materials that they can study on issues related to Environmental Education / Training for Sustainable Development, Science, Physical Education and Health Education.
Upon completion of the seminar, participants will receive the materials to be followed and encouraged to establish partnerships for future projects.

Subject Headings
Modeling of healthy eating habits in people with disabilities,
The principles of healthy nutrition in children with disabilities,
Food literacy at school level,
The relationship between good nutrition and school meals,
Making physical activities fun



Daily Course Fee



Barcelona, Spain