We can say that ICT is a kind of information technological tools which help to students’ learning in many ways. So, with ICT, students can learn more effectively and they can reach to a larger number of students.
Also, ICT can overcome more easily to difficulties in Special Education. This course is kind of teacher training course which helps to teachers become aware about students’ needs and integrated them to the education with the ICT.
Theoretical and practical information about ICT tools that can be used in class environment will be given for each course day. Different ice-breaker activities are designed in different themes.

In the following areas; 10 in total, each day less than 1 ice crusher activity is planned. 3 teams in 6 categories:
1. Indoor activities,
2. Outdoor activities
3. Project workshops
4. Music activities
5. Sports events
6. Art activities

The pedagogical effects of ICT and the application of these methods to classroom environments will be done interactively with the activities.



Daily Course Fee



Amsterdam, Netherlands