TripandLearn is a teacher training organisation, located in Netherland, offers Continuing Professional Development (CPD) training courses and events for teachers, school leaders and other school education staff.

It offers a number of routes for teachers according to their experience and needs, ranging from subject-specific training to professional development qualifications. TripandLearn approach to professional development and training supports teachers to become confident, responsible, reflective, innovative and engaged. TripandLearn offers a wide range of short intensive courses in CPD (Continuing Professional Development) for European teachers and others working in the education sector.

  • The courses are interactive and experiential, involving participants in hands-on activities which link theory and practice.
  • TripandLearn considers recent trends in teacher education and pedagogical mastery, issues of carrying out improvements to the teacher training system in European countries, analyses programmes of cooperation in education that facilitate forming of teachers’ professional competency, studies typical problems in teacher education in Europe and possible ways for its improving.
  • TripandLearn co-ordinates various tasks in connection with teacher training, connects tertiary, secondary and primary teacher training, and combines theory and the realities of the occupation.

Our main expertise is Pedagogical Content Knowledge in Core Content Areas. TripandLearn run courses all year round.