Niel McLean


Graduated from University of Cambridge. He is one of the first names to come to mind when it comes to the use of technology in education in the UK. He is board level inspirational leader in a complex multi-stakeholder environment, working globally and in the UK. A passion for the role of technology in education led from an early career in teaching to increasingly senior roles in various national agencies and an international reputation. He was leading significant EU projects, including the iTEC project in order to develop The Future Classroom Toolkit and TechFuture project which aim was to develop an innovative CPD offer for teachers in partnership with Hibernia University.

Aino-Maaria Rautenbach


Master of Education (Ed. Psychology) Teacher of Positive education and Well- being skills

Cecilia Iris Baldo


Catholic University (Argentina)
Master’s Degree in Teaching Spanish as a Second Language.
National University of Lanús
Bachelor’s Degree in Translation.

Adelina Chalmers


Is an award winning professional speaker and an expert at transforming abstract information into engaging, memorable, and successful pitches. She has won numerous speech competitions applying the recipes for speeches she created, including the East of England Impromptu Speech Competition in 2012. Adelina also works with Cambridge University (Cambridge Enterprise), helping engineers and scientists pitch in their business plan competitions and to angel rounds and series A, B and C of investment.

Erwin Ten Meer


Has been teaching, coaching and giving workshops for most of his life and is a self-described compulsive educator. He currently works as an IB Sciences teacher and spends his time investigating the conceptual approach to education. He has a Master’s degree in both Chemistry and in Educational Sciences with a minor in Psychology. He has worked for the European Schoolnet as the Scientix Ambassador and is an experienced STEM and Sciences workshop leader, having designed and given workshops in multiple countries and subjects from chemistry and sciences, to STE(A)M, ICT, environmental sciences, 21st century skills, communication, and personal development. His workshops have been attended by novices and experienced teachers alike and by young and old -with the ages of the participants ranging from 8 to 73 years old. Guided by his motto “A good teacher is first a good student”, Erwin spends his time developing ways to bridge the divide between the classroom and the everyday experience of students and continually experiments with ways to integrate educational games, the use of smart phones, and story-based teaching into his lessons.

Anelia Van Rijn


An energetic and enthusiastic individual,specializing in language learning strategies,language learning skills,
helping students with learning difficulties
such as dyslexia, dyscalculia, ADHD, ADD and autism.
Currently helping students with learning disabilities to improve themselves and their learning process.

Madeleine Morgan

Professional Coaching Management

After graduation from University of Kent, she has received Professional Coaching Diploma from The Coaching Academy 2001. With over 15 years of experience, she is expert in mentoring and coaching, building self confidence and leadership, NLP and relationship managment. Madeleine Morgan uses proven, powerful career coaching techniques and  she has developed an outstanding combination of experience, skills and qualifications as a NLP life coach, helping others find the way to happiness and success. 

Alina Yevchuk


Tallinn University, Tallinn — PhD candidate
Tallinn University, Tallinn — MA
LCC International University, Klaipeda — BA
XXI Kool, Tallinn — English Teacher
51Talk Online School— English Teacher
Multilingua, Tallinn — English Teacher
International House, Tallinn — English Teacher
TEA Keeltekool, Tallinn — English Teacher
Chonprathan Wittaya School, Bangkok — English Teacher

Robbie Pezzuol


Robbie Pezzuol was born breathing fresh air and scents of oven. The air is that of the mountains of the Belluno area, the perfume that of the family oven where my mother knead bread and cakes. Yeasts, flours, doughs and cooking: a family world that becomes a wealth of experiences essential when I decide to make my kitchen future, good food a faith. But the province is too narrow a horizon for those who want to experiment and to know: this is how my journey begins and on kitchen route I experience in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, France, the United Kingdom, Portugal and America. Back in Italy I open a pizzeria in Salento and from there I start a attend the world and competitions of pizza chefs: first in team at the world championships in Salsomaggiore Terme, good placements in 2009 at the various championships in which I take part. In 2010 the turning point: the first experiments with flours without gluten, increasingly sought after by the public, used for different types of sweet and savory baked goods. In 2013 official recognition of my work on raw materials: prim or classified at Rim ini with a gluten-free pizza.



I am a secondary school teacher in Italy (children from 11 to 19 years old).
I give Italian grammar, Latin, English and Spanish lesson .
I can teach as well Italian Education and Culture, History and Literature.
I have 5 five experience in teaching and tutoring.
I usually give lessons to a small group of students (max 10 people) or single person (private lessons).
As a tutor I can help students with different topics: school and university subject or studying methods.
Therefore I love learning and studying for new teaching projects and plan; that’s why I am always looking for unusual lesson with students all over the world.

Ferhat Kaya


Graduated from University of Helsinki.
He is a paleontologist with a strong interest to inclusion of natural sciences in education systems from alternative perspectives.
He is major study is related to human ecology, anthropology and understanding human environment withing the context of Anthropocene.
He is interested in inclusion of evolutionary, ecological and environmental context in the education system from the different segments.
He has been travelling in central Asia, Africa and North America to understand human in its environmental context.