Augmented Reality applications support the development of students' imagination and creativity, providing students with a sense of learning at the learning level by increasing their perceptions about the real world and their interaction with the real Using of visual objects in 3D applications in augmented reality practices attracts students' attention and motivates them to learn and participate in classes.
It also supports them to acquire different perspectives on the issues. Students' experiments that are not easy to do in the real world help to teach subjects that can be complex and costly. Astronomy, geography, chemistry, physics, geometry, English education, accounting education and so on. It offers a realistic simulation environment and supports learning.

The aims of using the augmented reality applications in education and training are as follows;
* Curriculum as Complementary and Supportive,
* Guidance and Promotion Purposes
* In Educational Games,
* On Training Trips,
* Exercises, etc.

Some of the educational benefits provided by learning environments supported by augmented reality can be listed as follows;
* Playing an active role in the transfer of knowledge and skills acquired in the virtual environment to the real environment,
* Increasing students' experience ,
* Increasing students' interests and learning aspirations ,
* Making learning materials adaptable to the learning situation,
* Encouraging students to increase their motivation and learn ,
* Supporting student material interaction and individual learning and improving persistence in learning,
* Being able to attract the attention and attention of students due to being outside of the known technologies,
* Provides an economically viable teaching process for adding virtual objects to the real environment,

Because of the interactive and simultaneous nature of the experiments conducted in augmented reality environment, the students think more, discuss more and reach different ideas, thus ensuring the persistence of learning.



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