E-Guidance for Online Teaching & Learning

It is know the guidance and introduce the individual to himself. It is a systematic, scientific and professional assistance process for individuals to solve their own problems, to make realistic decisions, to develop skills, interests and desires, to be in harmony with themselves and thus to realize themselves.
Information technologies can be used in education and training as in every field. These technologies, that offer new opportunities in terms of communication and access to information in the teaching process, become an alternatives to both traditional education and training settings.
Guidance and psychological counseling services in schools cannot stay outside of these dynamic developments. Studies indicate that information technologies will provide significant contribution and support to guidance and psychological counseling services in schools.
It states that basic guidance and counseling works such as school and career research, psychological inspiration, collecting and processing student information, conveying the obtained information and findings to the relevant people, consultancy in education and training are significantly affected by information technologies.

Learning Outcomes
All the participants will:
* Ensure that the guidance services are defined in a standard and concrete framework with a defined framework
* Be able to follow the data of the guidance services provided instantly
* Be able to guide through distance education instantly when necessary
* Increase the visibility of guidance services
* Be able to follow the data of the guidance services provided instantly and systematically
* Be able to make data entries of individual and group studies and archive them in the system

Objectives of the Course
* Learning the main reasons for improving using e-guidance
* Ensuring that a realistic and applicable program is prepared to increase the effectiveness of guidance services,
* Reporting and viewing of the work done,
* Developing an effective school policy for teachers to use e-guide feature efficiently

* Focus on practical skills-based online learning
* Working in group cooperatively
* Online guided discussion



Daily Course Fee



Tallin, Estonia