Educational Marketing for Sustainable Development in Education

The course examines the difficult and wide-ranging issues relating to how we understand our environment, our place in it, how education chnages the things around us and how we choose to behave.

Objectives of the Course
* To raise the awareness that all of the knowledge to be acquire from the course will make a difference in the way the participants will promote their schools in the future;
* To apply the basic marketing principles to understand their students as “the audience” and adapt all forms of communication in a useful way;
* To learn how to use all the marketing tools to understand and address concrete messages in order to obtain a positive reaction;
* To be taught in interactive formats and give all the participants the opportunity to discuss the specific realities of each school.
* To discuss the best practices to obtain sustainable development in education
* To obtain 21st century skills to promote sustainable development in lifelong learning process



Daily Course Fee



Barcelona, Spain