Effective Methods of Encouraging Involvement into Volunteering

The emphasis has been placed on planning, recruiting, training, managing and evaluating to improve organizational process of NGO in order to optimize volunteers’ potential, achievement and succe in the course. This program was designed universal in order to fit in volunteers frame notwithstanding their background or involvement strategies.
Approaches, methods and techniques have been tested with different audiences and age groups. This course is mainly for the management staff of NGOs.

Learning Outcomes
All the participants will:
* Focus on Cultural factors, management strategies, economical aspects to motivate volunteers in taking part in
* Identify the Legal aspects of cooperation with volunteers
* Learn about the effective techniques and methods of organization and management of volunteering in the company
* Learn about how to motivate people to social activities and to integrate the employees into voluntary activities
* Find out the best ways of encouraging and rewarding volunteers
* Focus on Governmental support for volunteers in Spain
* Organize a visit to an organization working with volunteers and give an opportunity to make a short film about volunteers and their work during the visit

Objectives of the Course
* Planning mission and assessing organization
* Developing volunteer program
* Describing volunteer positions
* Getting familiar with recruiting; assessing image, deciding how to recruiting, developing message, finding volunteers
* Getting familiar with training; developing orientation program, conducting orientation
* Analyzing NGO and planning process of the NGO
* Getting familiar with managing; assign a supervisor, communicating with volunteers

* Identifying the concept of Effective Methods of Encouraging Involvement into Volunteering
* Designing the program and evaluation
* Providing immediate feedbacks
* Brainstorming
* Discussing the parts of methods and involvement
* Working in groups cooperatively



Daily Course Fee



Amsterdam, Netherlands