Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular Activities (ECA) are voluntary activities that often fall outside the traditional school curriculum. In this course you will get acquainted with a variety of examples of activities that develop the students' passion and interests, reduce anti-social behaviour and develop the essential skills necessary for lifelong learning.
This course is is designed as a series of collaborative workshops that are composed of discussions, hands-on activities and practical tips how to reach key benefits of ECA. Thematic course modules cover different examples of ECA and will be introduced by several tutors.

Learning Outcomes
* Be aware of benefits of Extracurricular Activities on both learners and community development.
* Generate ready‐to‐use materials and practical ideas how to implement and evaluate diverse ECA within the organisation according to community needs.
* Provide variety of opportunities and ECA for learners, support peer collaboration and active participation within education and society.
* Develop learner’s individual interests and key competencies such as self-determination, time management, critical thinking, creativity, cross-cultural awareness or digital literacy.
* Strengthen professional profile, gain motivation and confidence in promoting ECA in order to prevent school dropouts and anti-social behaviour.
* Gain understanding of ECA practices and approaches in different countries, re-ignite lifelong learning strategies.
* Meet colleagues of different nationalities, exchange ideas, embed common educational and training values, build network for future international cooperation.
* Enrich communication skills, improve foreign language competencies, broaden professional vocabulary.



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Amsterdam, Netherlands