Participants will take theoretical and practical training in the field of mind and intelligence games which contribute to the development of reasoning, visual-spatial thinking, creativity, strategy development, planning, problem solving, attention concentrating and effective use of short continuous in this course.
Intelligence games not only improve children's abilities but also prevent them from getting bad habits. Teaches to act as planned, fast and accurate decision-making. It shows how to approach events and situations from different angles, and how different interpretations can be made.
Affects and improves personality and character positively. As the child learns in his intelligence games and starts gaining his intelligence by using his knowledge and skills, his confidence increases.
This helps the child to concentrate while studying or listening to his / her teacher at school. Children who see intelligence and knowledge work will work to improve them.
Seeing other possibilities exist will give the child the habit of considering situations and events, and the possibility of considering other possibilities. Thus, not rote; the investigator will adopt a questioning approach. These investigations and inquiries will also help to improve the creativity of the child, making it more successful and making a difference in life. It allows him to learn new things and thus grow up as a self-confident individual.

Learning Outcomes
All the participant will:
* Introduce the world of Intelligence Games
* Explain the basic concepts of Intelligence and Mind Games
* Introduce the types of intelligence games
* Explain the solution methods, the types of activity with the types of intelligence games and the history of intelligence games
* Express the importance of intelligence games in education
* Apply the methods and techniques used in the education of intelligence games
* Use the basic concepts in intelligence education
* Categorize the types of intelligence games
* Explain the skills gained through the education of intelligence games
* Prepare a lesson plan for intelligence games
* Prepare appropriate teaching materials for content
* Create learning environments that enhance students' high level cognitive skills
* Prepare activities for analytical thinking
* Share knowledge and experience with colleagues

Objectives of the Course
* To Get familiar with the importance of intelligence games in education
* To Explain basic concepts related to mind games in education
* Analyzing methods and techniques used in Intelligence Games Education
* Discussing techniques and strengthening Intelligence Skills
* Developing creative thinking
* Ensuring skills gained through Intelligence Games Based Education
* Locating ways to integrate intelligence games strategies into curriculum
* Designing lessons to introduce intelligence game learning
* Creating more student-centered classroom environment
* Teaching of group intelligence games
* Creating new activities

* Focusing on practical and skills based interactive learning
* Creating immediate feedbacks
* Designing hands on activities and inspiring discussions on best practices
* Brainstorming
* Working in groups cooperatively



Daily Course Fee



Amsterdam, Netherlands